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List Of Software

  1. Adobee Master Collection: Photoshop Elements 2023 is Photo editing software for anyone who wants to edit and create with their photos. It’s a one-time purchase that doesn’t require a subscription. It offers: Easy editing with automation and AI. Step-by-step guidance for editing and creating.
  2. MS Offiice 365: MS 365 is our cloud-powered productivity platform. With a subscription to MS 365, you can get: The latest productivity apps, such as MS Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneDrive, and so much more. The ability to install on PCs, Macs
  3. CorellDRAW Graphiics Suite: CorellDRAW Graphiics Suite is your fully loaded professional design toolkit for delivering breathtaking vector illustration, layout, photo editing, and typography projects?with total efficiency.
  4. Win_OS 11: Micro Softt said Windowss 11 will have a simplified user experience and design. There will also be several new features, including a new Start button and the ability to download and run Android applications on Windows machines. But Windowss 11 it isn’t just a repositioned Start button with an ability to run Android apps.
  5. Windows10: Windows10 is a MS operating system for personal computers, tablets, embedded devices and internet of things devices. Microsoftt released Windowss 10 in July 2015 as a follow-up to Windows 8. Windowss 10 has an official end of support date of October 2025, with Windowss11 as its successor.
  6. Wonderrshaare Filmora_12: Filmoraa is a video editing software that allows users to edit videos by adding transitions and effects, adjusting the volume, changing the speed of playback, and more. The software enables teams to add text to videos, which can be useful for titles or subtitles.
  7. Abletonn11: The Ableton_Live_11_Suite is a flexible software music production software that includes Session views for tracker style loop-based production and Arrangement view for a more traditional linear editing workflow.Ableton Live 11 Suite includes a wide range of effects, instruments and sample and creative tools that perfectly help you achieve your musical vision and fulfill your creative exploration needs.
  8. Antaress_Auto_Tune_Pro: Discover how you can produce vocals that sound natural, robotic, or anything in between. Now available with Auto-Tune Unlimited. June 9, 2021. Auto-Tune_Pro is the flagship of the Auto-Tune product line and the most powerful vocal pitch correction plug-in on the planet.
  9. ApeakSoftt_MobieTrans: Transfer files between iOS and Android devices. Apeaksoftt MobieTrans is the best data transfer software which can help you transfer photos, contacts, videos, music and any other files between iOS and Android devices without any trouble. 2. Back up data between two Android devices or two iOS devices.
  10. ApowerSoft_Apower_Mirror: ApowrMirror allows you to mirror the screen of you Android/iOS devices to PC via USB or WiFi. This software supports almost all the models of iPhone and iPad. Also, it is compatible with Android phones and tablets running Android 5.0 or later.
  11. Apowerr_Rec: ApowerREC is a screen recording software designed to help businesses capture different activities on a screen including system sound. The platform enables managers to schedule the start and end time of screen recording and trim video length on a unified interface.
  12. Avastt_Premum_Security: Avastt Premum Security is an Avastt product that offers antivirus protection and advanced security for your PC against online threats. It allows users to safely shop and bank online, avoid fake websites and phishing scams, block web spies, and more.
  13. DaVincii_Resolve_Studio: Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve is a powerful editing, video effects, and sound production suite used by big Hollywood productions to YouTube content creators.
  14. Capture_One_Pro_23: Shoot tethered right into Pro and organize shots, ensure you got what you needed, and make changes on the spot. With Live View, see what your camera sees from your screen and have full control over your camera settings without needing to touch it. You can even go wireless with select Canon, Nikon, and FUJIFILM cameras.
  15. c cleaaner professional: CCleaaner Professional is the most_powerful version of Piriform’s celebrated PC cleaner. It makes it easy to speed up a slow computer by updating out-of-date software drivers and more. Plus, you can keep your activity private automatically and in the background.
  16. Cliip_Studio_Paint_Ex: Clip Studio Paint EX is built with professional-grade animation functionality, used in?creating animation for broadcast.
  17. Corell_Video_Studio_ultimate: Explore drag-and-drop creativity with hundreds of effects, titles, and transitions, have fun with animated AR Stickers and GIF Creator, save time with Instant Project Templates and Speech to Text converter?use the whole palette of handy features to create your best videos yet!
  18. Powerr_Directorr_Ultimate: There’s also a screen recording toolset for YouTube tutorials and green screen editing for background replacement. The Ultimate version includes five CyberrLink and 3rd-party premium content packs, and effects plug-ins, including the new Bloggers Social Media Pack.
  19. Fox it Pdf_Editor: Fox it PDF Reader (formerly Fox it Reader) is a multilingual freemium PDF (Portable Document Format) tool that can create, view, edit, digitally sign, and print PDF files.
  20. F L Studiio Producerr Edition: F L Studio Producer Edition has more features than the standard version of FL Studio. The Producer Edition includes additional plugins, instruments, and effects that are not included in the standard version. This can give users more options for creating and editing music.
  21. Inter net_Download_Manager: I D M is a tool that manages and schedules downloads. It can use full bandwidth and contains recovery and resume capabilities to continue downloading files that were interrupted due to a loss of network connection or other unexpected failures.
  22. Intuitt_Quickk_Books: QuickBooks is a full-featured business and financial management suite complete with tools for accounting, inventory, payroll, tax filing, invoicing, bank account tracking and reconciliation, expense management, budgeting, payment processing, and accounts receivable and accounts payable management.
  23. Luminaar_Neo: Luminaar NEO is an AI-powered photo editing software from Skylm. Skylm says that NEO isn’t replacing their previous release. Luminaar AI. But NEO sets out to fix some of the issues users faced with Luminaar AI. Skylm is using AI to streamline the photo editing process.
  24. Vegaas_Pro 20: MAGIXX VEGAAS Pro 20 gives you all the tools you need for professional video editing with advanced HDR color correction, live streaming, and sound design. It includes VEGAAS Pro, VEGAAS Stream, SOUND FORGE Audio Studio, Boriis FX Primatte Studio, and a starter subscription to ActionVFX.
  25. Movaavi video studio: Movaavi offers a wide variety of multimedia programs that help you have fun with your videos, music, and photos on any platform and any device. We develop easy-to-use and powerful software that inspires people to edit, enhance, and share their content.
  26. Niitro Pro 13: Niitro Pro allows you to create, convert, edit, sign, and share PDF files. It can be used to add, delete, and modify text and images on PDF pages; you can also copy & paste text into Word or Office files from this tool. Nitro quickly converts any PDF to and from MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  27. Pixologix_Z brush: Z Brush is an integrated modeling, texturing and illustration environment. Z_Brush’s innovative set of real-time sculpting, texturing, and deformation tools is used in major film studios and game companies worldwide.
  28. QuaarkXpress 2023: create or refine graphics and illustrations, content designs, and page layouts through non-destructive editing (NDE). It works with a range of graphic design software to enable omnichannel content publishing.
  29. Reevo Uninstaler Pro: Reevo Uninstaler Pro removes programs by first running the program’s built-in uninstaller and then scanning for leftover data, which can include files, folders, and entries in the Windows Registry, that may still exist and potentially cause various issues.
  30. Rhinoceross 7: This accurate 3D modeling tool allows for free-moving design, maintaining the accuracy of all elements and measurements. It can be used as an additional drawing tool when combined with other design, CAM, drafting, rendering, illustration and animation software.
  31. TechSmiith Camtaasia: Camtaasia is a recording software that allows you to record and clip whatever is happening on your screen: perfect for filming webinars or video tutorials. This guide shows you how to get started with the software, and how to edit some basic clips recorded.
  32. VMiix Live Video_Streaming_Software: vMiix is a complete live video production software solution with features including?LIVE mixing, switching, recording and LIVE streaming of SD, full HD and 4K video sources including cameras, video files, DVDs, images, Powerrpoint and much much more.
  33. Kriisp Premiium: Kriisp acts as a smart? layer between your device and any online communication solution to eliminate all background noise with a single click.
  34. MS Offiice Professionl Pro 2021: Offiice Professiional 2021 is for growing small businesses who want the classic Offiice apps plus Outlook, Publisher, and Access.


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