Original UPSC-IAS Toppers Handwritten Notes (Pre & Mains)


In this complete package of notes for UPSC, you get 15 sets of Books:


In this complete package of notes for UPSC, you get 15 sets of Books:

  1. General Studies Paper 1

    • ✅World History, Ancient History, Modern History
    • ✅Geography
    • ✅India Post Independence
    • ✅Social Issues)

    General Studies Paper 2

    • ✅Polity
    • ✅International Relations
    • ✅Governance

    General Studies Paper 3

    • ✅Economy
    • ✅Science and Technology
    • ✅Ecology, Environment & Disaster Management

    General Studies Paper 4

    • ✅Ethics

    CSAT Samples

    • ✅English
    • ✅Maths & Reasoning
    • ✅Mathematics

    Toppers Essay Samples

    • ✅Toper Essay Book

These notes cover the entire syllabus of the UPSC examination and are handwritten by Toppers under the guidance of top faculties of the country. These notes are written in such a way that anyone can easily understand each and every concept of UPSC and can crack the examination easier than ever before.

Usually, to crack the examination you require dedication and the right study materials, and we have noticed that many hardworking students fail to pass the examination because of poor or inadequate notes. Furthermore, the guidance, right way to study, and concepts can only be explained by top coachings and students who have already cracked the examination. Our notes for UPSC have been prepared by taking everything into consideration and thus we are able to provide such type of quality notes.

These notes are composed by the hard work of toppers and faculties of top institutes, we have also ensured that these notes are written in good and easily understandable handwriting. With these notes, you will be able to immediately start the right preparation to crack the UPSC examination.


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